PrecisionLender Partners with East Cary Middle School


PlendaHandSTEM teachers, while using the latest technologies and instructional methods to teach their students and prepare them for the future, are lacking one thing: real world application. Most teachers spend their lives in school and then move into a classroom once they become teachers.

Back in January, PrecisionLender attended the WakeEd Partnership World Café, an event that links STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) professionals to STEM schools with the ultimate goal of creating partnerships that help STEM teachers broaden their knowledge and enrich the learning experiences of their students. It was here that the PrecisionLender team met representatives from East Cary Middle School and excitedly signed on to help support their efforts by being a part of the East Cary Middle School Partnership Day – a day in which the teachers would enter the business world to learn what a “day in the life” of the employees looked like and how they could apply that work experience in the classroom.

On March 4th, PrecisionLender welcomed four teachers from the middle school to the office in order to learn a little more about the PrecisionLender employees. They met with Laura Jackson (the Data Scientist), Jim Young (the Director of Communications), Michael Pack (the Director of Delivery Operations), and Iris Maslow (the Digital Marketing Manager) who gave a high-level views of what they do on a daily basis and how it’s related to STEM. During that time, the teachers asked questions about career development and practical uses of writing, mathematics, and science.

Following the meetings, the group of teachers met with Phil Buckley (the Director of Engagement) and Jeff Mahoney (Software Developer) to talk about how to prepare their students for the career development in the future.

When teachers get better at their craft, they will help students become the incredible A-players that we look for in the job market. We’re looking forward to meeting those students in a few short years!

And because we celebrate passion and action here at PrecisionLender, we’d like to give a special shout out to Mike Finger and Maria Abbe who helped organize the event and made sure the day ran smoothly!

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