Megan Vick

PrecisionLender is growing, and it’s growing at a rapid pace. We’re finding and hiring top talent at the rate of 2 people per month, which sometimes makes getting to know new employees a challenge. And with rapid growth comes rapid change. So, it’s more important than ever before to fiercely defend our culture and continue to build amazing relationships with each other.

Knowing this, the PrecisionLender leadership team mulled over more ways to strengthen the company culture and continue to build relationships. So, when Dallas Wells, EVP of Client Development, visited a bank and saw the success of their book club, he challenged us to create our very own PrecisionLender book club. Which was an exciting idea, because one commonality we all share is our desire to grow and learn, both personally and professionally. In a short time, we were ready to launch ReadOnPurpose, which is inspired by our annual conference, BankOnPurpose.

Initially, ReadOnPurpose started as a traditional book club with regular meetings, a set reading schedule, and employees based far and wide. But after about four months, we realized the traditional club style wasn’t the best fit for the majority of people (conflicting schedules, not enough time to read the whole book, etc.). So, we pivoted.

ReadOnPurpose embodies the camaraderie and culture we intended, but now in a more laid-back style. We’ve swapped formal meetings for asynchronous communication and instead of reading only books, we now include articles and TedTalks. A driving inspiration in the change comes from PrecisionLender CEO, Carl Ryden. As an avid reader, Carl is constantly finding amazing material to read and he takes the time to share it with his company (and we turn around and share it with you in our newsletters and on our social media).

As we continue to grow, ReadOnPurpose gives us a space to discuss the latest on artificial intelligence, watch inspiring TedTalks, or simply ask for recommendations on a great book to read at the beach – all while continuing to build relationships and foster our company culture.

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