Purposeful Banker Awards Finalist - First Financial Bank

July 23, 2018

What is the Digital Transformation Award?

This team's leadership and commitment to innovation led to changes in technology that transformed how their bank works. Through cross-functional collaboration, this group not only upgraded internal processes, but also improved the customer experience. Please provide supporting data (metrics, anecdotes, testimonials, etc.) that demonstrate the impact this group has had on the bank.

First Financial Bank’s Story

First Financial Bank has 150 locations spread across Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky. The bank is in the midst of impressive growth, as evidenced by their recent acquisition of MainSource Bank. First Financial pride themselves on providing the services of large banks, with the care and perspective of a neighborhood community bank, to build lifelong relationships.

The Transformation

The bank started their digital transformation back in 2016 when they realized that the commercial banking group, which had been using Salesforce for a few years, wasn’t getting enough value out of the platform. After conducting an audit to better understand how the commercial team was using Salesforce, they decided to partner with the Salesforce consulting firm, Silverline, to reconfigure how they were using the software.  First Financial rebuilt the platform to better support the commercial team and the bank saw great success.


Since starting this project, First Financial has more than doubled their Salesforce users. Taking down the silos within their bank has allowed each team to collaborate. Prior to this overhaul and transformation, each group had securities in place so no group could see what the other groups were doing. They’ve since torn down those walls to create greater transparency and collaboration. It’s no longer “my client, back away.” It’s the bank’s client.

In the span of 12-18 months, First Financial went from “no one likes Salesforce” to “they can’t wait to use it.” Prior to the transformation, users were logging in once per month. Now, nearly 100% of users are logging in once per week. This process has produced 26 new relationships, $1.1MM of new loans, $1.6MM of new deposits and $14k of new service fees.


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