How Bankers Use Andi 101

When Andi®, PrecisionLender's virtual coach, was created, we wanted to ensure she showed the right message, to the right person, at the right time. So we embedded Andi’s coaching throughout the Opportunity pricing experience.

Below is a quick description of how Andi communicates with bankers and how they can use her insights to craft winning deals.  

Notification Colors

Each Andi notification is color coded and has a header to organize her advice and coaching.

  • Green bars are for Andi suggestions that help you achieve your target
  • Blue bars indicate that Andi has additional information for you
  • Orange bars mean that Andi has a warning or a concern
  • Red bars mean Andi has found an invalid entry, such as a letter in a field that only accepts numbers
  • Purple bars appear after you’ve asked Andi a question, to let you know she has searched our Knowledge Base for articles relevant to your question

Below is an example of a typical set of suggestions Andi might offer during an opportunity. 

Andi Suggestions for Specific Opportunity Fields 

Part of coaching a banker at the right moment means that Andi shares insights on a specific opportunity field. You can tell she has something to tell you if there’s a colored bar at the end of the field. To see her recommendation, click into the field. Each time the deal changes, Andi recalculates and discovers new insights to share. 

The Andi Button (All of Andi in One Place)

There are times when it's helpful to see a summary of Andi’s guidance in a single place. That’s when we rely on the Andi button. 

You’ll know there’s something to see when a little red icon with a number appears on the Andi button in the center of the opportunity screen.

When you click on it, you’ll see two panels; clicking on the bell icon shows you Andi’s coaching insights (the first image in this post), while clicking on the chat bubble shows your chat history with Andi (image below). 


New Notifications & Dismissal

When you look at Andi’s notifications, you’ll notice some have blue backgrounds, while others don’t. Blue backgrounds are for notifications based on new Andi skills. 

You’re also able to dismiss any notifications that don’t seem helpful or relevant to you. When a skill is dismissed, it will be hidden for the remainder of the session. You have the option to undo this right afterwards.

How to Chat with Andi

Andi also offers chat capabilities. Through a chat with Andi, you can ask her questions to quickly search out support center, understand specific financial statement elements, be guided around the Opportunity, and more. 

Andi works best when you use complete sentences. She’s then able to understand your intention and context.

For example, let’s say you’re trying to add a deposit to the current opportunity, and aren’t sure how to do it. Simply type “add a deposit” and Andi will recommend available resources.  

Try asking Andi:

“What is the payment?”
“What is the net interest margin?”
“How do I use guarantees?”


Try It Out

In the coming months we’ll have more posts about Andi, showcasing her many capabilities and updating you when she adds new skills.

In the meantime, please be sure to log into your PrecisionLender platform to start working with Andi on your next commercial deal. If you have any questions or want to learn more about what Andi can do, reach out to us at!




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