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March 16, 2016 Jim Young


Q: Wait, you created a new blog?

A: Actually no. It’s not a new blog. Rather, this is simply the new home for the blog that was previously hosted at LenderPerformance.com.

Q: So no more Lender Performance?

A: Correct.

Q: Why’d you move?

A: Good question.

When we first started Lender Performance, we were determined to make it brand agnostic. We wanted readers to feel like they were getting information and analysis they could use – not just a thinly disguised sales pitch.

But over time, content marketing has evolved and more and more customers are becoming comfortable with consuming content from companies that also have products to sell. In fact, they want companies to interact with them this way.

So we’ve removed that initial barrier by moving the blog over to our company website.

Q:  What does this mean for the content?

A: Not a thing. We’re still going to focus on being a blog that’s useful for bankers. The PrecisionLender Blog, like its Lender Performance predecessor, will be a place where bankers can find a wide range of thought-provoking pieces about their industry – everything from building a better bank culture, to better approaches to lending, to those wonky math pieces that bank nerds know and love.

Q: What about the podcast?

A: Glad you asked! It’s moving as well and also getting a new name. It’ll now be known as “The Purposeful Banker Podcast,” a title that we feel matches our goal of helping banks achieve their purpose of building better communities and relationships.

Speaking of the podcast, you can listen to the first episode of The Purposeful Banker right here!

Q: Anything else?

A: Nope, that’s it. Lender Performance is now PrecisionLender.com/blog. Just change the address in your bookmarks and get right back to being a great banker!





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Jim Young, Director of Content at PrecisionLender, is an award-winning writer with experience in a range of positions in media and marketing, from reporter to website editor to content marketer. Throughout his career Jim has focused on the story – how to find it, how to understand it, and how best to share it with others. At PrecisionLender, he manages the many ways in which the company shares its philosophy on banking and the power of relationships. Jim graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Duke University and holds a masters degree in journalism from Columbia University.

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