The King of Disruption in Banking

March 8, 2017 Maria Abbe


If you’re a bank, 2017 is the year you start restructuring around Experiences and reducing Product team dependence. – Brett King

This quote comes from a recent LinkedIn article by Brett King, Banking Products Are Dead. “Long Live Experiences!” It’s one of the reasons why we’re thrilled he’ll be a keynote speaker at our second annual BankOnPurpose Conference, in Austin, TX on May 3-5.

King is a thought leader when it comes to the future of banking and the rapidly changing financial world. He’s CEO of Moven, a mobile FinTech banking app, host of the podcast Breaking Banks, and a best-selling author. His most recent book, Augmented: Life in the Smart Lane, addresses four key disruptive themes – Artificial Intelligence, Experience Design, Smart Infrastructure, and HealthTech – breaking down each and answering tough questions like, “Will robots take our jobs?”

Not only is he at the head of the new banking frontier, he also understands the need to evolve the customer experience right along with industry itself.

King was interviewed in the Accenture article, How the Augmented Age Will Change the Face of Banking, and said, “The key to adapting to this changing customer behavior is really about changing your approach to customer engagement. For every product or service the bank offers, it will have to be redesigned to be delivered in real-time via digital in the near-term.”

Your bank will decline if it still requires paper and a signature to get things done, King explains in the article. Banks need to meet the customer where they are … and that’s in the digital age.

“If you expect a customer to stop their life to come to a bank, then you’re going to be amongst the first victims of this shift,” says King.

This sort of thinking about the forces shaping the banking industry is why we felt King would be a perfect addition to BankOnPurpose this year.

From its inception, we’ve designed BankOnPurpose to be different from your typical banking conference. It’s not built around bank processes and vendor presentations. Instead, BankOnPurpose focuses on what it means to serve your customer and how to build a brand for your bank that’s filled with purpose. 

King fits right in with our theme of people who see the bigger picture in banking. Lisa McLeod will be joining us for the second year in a row and will share tactics on aligning strategy behind your organization’s purpose. We’ll also hear from Bob Moesta & Chris Spiek, as they teach us how to dig deeper to understand what our customers really need. Jason Cohen, founder of WP Engine, will share how being honest in business pays.

But the list doesn’t end there. To see the full list of the incredible speakers coming to BankOnPurpose this year, check out And for more on Brett King head to


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