Pricing PPP Loans in PrecisionLender

April 10, 2020 Maria Abbe

When the Fed created the SBA Payment Protection Program (PPP) through the CARES Act, we got to work making sure PrecisionLender was set up and ready to price PPP loans.

We care about the state of our world. We care about your organization. We care about you. 

Setting Up PPP Loans Within PrecisionLender

If you’re looking for guidance on pricing new SBA PPP loans within PrecisionLender, we’ve got you covered. We recommend setting up a specific product type for classifying these loans and offer step-by-step coaching through our virtual assistant, Andi®. This allows for both pipeline tracking and Relationship Awareness product segregation in the loan portfolio.

PPP Andi Skill

We’ve also developed an Andi skill that enables bankers to check if a loan and borrower qualify for PPP and suggests changes to structures that do not qualify.

To learn more about how to configure and test the skill, and then view and enable it in PrecisionLender, check out this support article.

Q2’s PPP Solution

Q2's Cloud Lending recently launched an end-to-end digital lending solution specifically designed to help financial institutions accelerate application acceptance and funding to small businesses. The product streamlines the entire process, from application to decisioning to packaging to forgiveness, and can be stood up at your bank in just a few days.

Learn more about how this tool can help your customers get the loan assistance they need fast.

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