MoneyLive: Commercial Lending Uncertainty & Lessons from 2020

April 9, 2021 Jim Young

PrecisionLender's Gita Thollesson - the brains behind our annual State of Commercial Banking reports - recently appeared on a MoneyLive panel discussion titled "Commercial Lending in the Face of Uncertainty: Lessons from 2020."

MoneyLive puts on events and webinars for the banking industry in Europe and Asia. Gita's fellow guests on the panel were: 

  • Neil Evans, Head of Credit Risk, OakNorth Bank

  • Ermal Ngjeci, Head of SME Credit Risk, Metro Bank

  • Kaustubh Joshi, Executive Director, Corporate and Institutional Banking, Standard Chartered Bank

They covered a broad range of topics, including: Among the topics they covered: 

  • What were the key lessons from 2020? What needs to be done to ensure the right financial responses in the future? 
  • How can commercial banks use  data and analytics to improve profitability and portfolio management?
  • What steps can banks take to ensure RMs and credit officer have what they need to properly mitigate risk?




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