Idaho Central Credit Union: Uniting Salesforce and PrecisionLender to Better Serve Customers

The process and path to digitally transforming a financial institution is not always a clear-cut, smooth, and easy one. It is the financial institutions that take the challenge head-on with realistic expectations and a deep understanding of what their organization needs that do well on this journey. Idaho Central Credit Union (ICCU) is that financial institution. 

ICCU, headquartered in Chubbuck, Idaho, has over 1,300 employees serving over 400,000 members with 39 locations throughout the state and $5.9 billion in assets. With a mission to help members achieve financial success, ICCU is a full-service, federally-insured financial institution and is ranked as a top credit union in the nation in returning value to its members.

They’ve also been a user of the Salesforce platform for quite some time. Salesforce allows ICCU to grow, adapt, and be nimble within multiple facets of the Credit Union. So, when they began looking for a loan pricing solution, they knew they needed something that would integrate with Salesforce, because Salesforce is an integral part of their workflow.

ICCU chose PrecisionLender and its Salesforce Connector to gain invaluable efficiencies and insight.

“Prior to PrecisionLender, it was difficult to price a deal,” says Jarom Campbell, ICCU’s Vice President of Commercial Credit Administration. “We were gathering data from multiple outside sources as we strived to stay competitive with the market. We knew that this was simply not sustainable as we continued to grow.”

The integration process was a smooth one for ICCU. They opted for the fast track onboarding option, which proved to be efficient, fast, and effective. All along the way, the PrecisionLender team walked ICCU through the statement of work and integration and then trained their entire end-user group. 

“The integration between Salesforce and PrecisionLender has allowed us to track our business members on a granular level, as well as look at the big picture. It has helped us tremendously,” says Campbell.

Since implementing PrecisionLender and integrating the solution with Salesforce, ICCU has seen many positive changes. Loan officers are able to quickly build leads and opportunities in Salesforce and then price the loan right within Salesforce. This cuts out the extra step of having to build the loan opportunity in another platform. It also keeps the data well-organized and stored in a manner that allows the loan officers to be more efficient.

ICCU’s loan officers have provided positive feedback on the integration, describing it as helpful and an improvement on their previous methods for handling member data and loan pricing. 

But ICCU won’t stop there. “Right now, we have a great pricing tool and a wonderful integration with our CRM,” says Campbell, “however, the information does not flow to our current loan origination system.” So, they’re currently in the process of integrating an LOS system with Salesforce and PrecisionLender which will reduce the number of data input points once again and will increase their ability to effectively process even more loans with the same amount of people.

“Every time we can save a few minutes per loan, when we are doing thousands of loans each year, it makes a big difference to our productivity,” says Campbell, “That’s what will allow us to continue to provide our business members with award winning service and competitive pricing for years to come.”

To learn more about ICCU, you can head over to their site here.

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