BankOnPurpose Final Day Recap

April 25, 2016 Jim Young

So much happened on the third and final day of BankOnPurpose. To help you sort through the mountains of useful information that was shared, here are some highlights in the form of memorable quotes from each speaker.

How to Build a World Class Culture in 3 Easy Steps

by Mikey Trafton – Co-Founder, Rent Rebate

“If you don’t design your company culture your employees will do it for you.” Mikey Trafton on stage

“The culture itself is not what makes an employee good or bad, it’s the culture fit.”

“We want to be an elite team instead of a team of elites.” – Trafton on his company, Blue Fish

“Most companies don’t hire for culture a all. They focus on skills and they ignore the culture.”

“You can’t open it up to the whole company to create the culture.”

“You need to have weed-out questions. Candidates are so good at telling you what you want to hear.” – Mikey on the application review proces.

Architecting the Customer Experience

by Mike Bosworth, Founder, Mike Bosworth Leadership

“People just don’t turn down hearing stories about their peers.” Mike Bosworth on stage

“Great sales people are unconsciously competent. They do it intuitively. They don’t have a model. The holy grail of sales improvement is figuring out what those top 20% do.”

“Most people think of selling as “Persuasion.” That’s a PUSH approach. True influence is a PULL.”

“You cannot force me to trust you. However, you can influence my decision, and what influences my decision is your level of trustworthiness. – Mike quoting John Blakey, author of “The Trusted Executive.”

“You can’t learn to do it, you have to do to learn it.” – Mike on the skill of storytelling

“If you can learn to connect on purpose, following a proven structure, you can beat a top 20% salesperson who’s doing it intuitively. Because they’re not doing it on purpose.”

Panel – What Does All of this Mean for YOUR Bank?

Jill Castilla (CEO, Citizens Bank of Edmond)
Todd Classen (Director, Moody’s Analytics)
Sean Doherty (President, Asset Management Group)

“If you understand the asset liability function, you understand the bank.” – Sean Final panel on stage

“I’m an asset liability nerd. That’s how I fell in love w/ community banking.” – Jill

“You’re not doing yourself enough justice in telling your story about what your impact is in the community.” – Todd, speaking as an observer of the banking industry.

“We are this great social conscience engine of our communities. Many times we’re the heart and soul of it.” – Jill

“Have a story that you can tell about your bank that shows, ‘Here’s how every decision you make impacts the results at the end of the day.’ ” – Sean

“If we manage by fear, we’re working in the wrong business. We have to have some conviction in order to understand where we’re going.” – Sean


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