BankOnPurpose Day Two: Words of Wisdom

April 22, 2016 Jim Young

So much happened on Day Two of BankOnPurpose. To help you sort through the mountains of useful information that was shared, here are some highlights in the form of memorable quotes from each speaker.

Roy Spence, Co-Founder and CEO, The Purpose Institute.

The Power of Purpose in Business and Life

“Take your competition seriously, but not yourself.”  – Roy quoting Southwest Airlines co-founder Herb KelleherRoy Spence on stage

“Curiosity doesn’t kill the cat. It kills the competition.” – Roy sharing what Sam Walton taught him.

“When we’re at our best in the banking industry, we do good.”

“You’re not in the banking business. You’re in the American Dream business.”

“Purpose doesn’t have to be heavy it just has to be authentic.”

“You’re called to grow the economy of every community you serve.”

Lisa McLeod, Author: “Selling With Noble Purpose”

As a Leader: Putting Purpose Into Practice

“Once we get beyond food & shelter, human beings want connection & meaning.”Lisa McLeod On Stage

“What’s hard to put your finger on is the difference between good performers and the exceptional ones.”

“You can tell if a company has a purpose by the interactions you have with it.”

“A fish rots from the head.” – Lisa quoting a Chinese proverb.

“The words of the leader matter. What you talk about most is going to be what people assume is most important to you.”

“Numbers are always a lagging indicator. They’re a snapshot of what’s already happened. The leading indicators are more qualitative.”

Andy Max, Director of Pricing Strategy & Performance, First National Bank of Omaha

Think Small, Not Big

“My goal is to give the power back to our lenders.”Andy On Stage

“Give your lenders tools. Allow them to say, ‘Yeah we can do that, but give us the resources to.’ ”

“I can build whatever I want, but if I can’t explain what it is and its benefits, no one is going to use it.”

“Forget about perfection and focus on progression. Keep taking that next step.”

“At the end of the day I’m just a pricing geek who wants to help our lenders tell a story.”

Greg Demas, Director of Finance & Strategic Planning, Popular Community Bank

Moving From Defense to Offense

“Pricing is the end product we give to our customers. We need to focus on that.”Greg Demas on stage

“Lenders who aren’t empowered will kill you. You HAVE to trust your lenders. That’s what’s going to empower them to do what they need to do for the customer.”

“I don’t feel like you’ll be able to compete unless you have an extremely efficient process.”

I made sure I secured buy-in ahead of time – this is the right thing to do, do you agree? – On implementing multiple systems at Popular Community Bank



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