5 Articles to Make You a Smarter Banker

June 28, 2017 Maria Abbe


Over the past few months, we’ve shared articles on how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the financial industry, reassuring you that all will be well - assuming you read these pieces, of course. We’re back with another list of articles you need to read now, but this time we’re taking a different approach. 

We know that times are a bit tumultuous in the financial industry (dare we say … disruptive?), and looking to the future, especially when it comes to technology, is highly encouraged. But we don’t want to overlook what you do in the here and now, the day to day. 

So, here are five articles to help you become a smarter banker today. 


Create Value

Article: Build Better Bank Value Props
Author: Travis Engebretsen

We first crossed paths with Travis back at the FinXTech Annual Summit in April. He works for Seacoast Bank as a VP of Strategy and is a huge proponent for building a bank culture that supports the customer and believes that starts with an organization’s value prop. So, where does your bank’s value prop focus? Where should it focus? Read more in this article.  

Build A Strong Culture 

Article: Creating Next Generation Cultures to Attract Next Generation Talent
Author: Kristine Oliver

Millennials. It’s admittedly an overused buzzword these days, and it’s tough to use one word to encompass an entire generation. But it’s important to address this group, as “[a]bout 40 percent of the community banking workforce will consist of millennials within the next five years.” In this article, Oliver lays down the framework for what millennials are looking for in the workplace – especially in the financial industry – and how bank leaders can attract and retain the best talent. 

Maintain Your Strong Culture

Article: Five Things Banks Can Never Outsource
Author: Terence Roche

There’s a time to outsource and there’s a time, well, not to outsource. In this article, Roche shares the top four things that shouldn’t be outsourced. Why? Because when a bank outsources, it makes trade-offs that sometimes aren’t worth it in the end.  

Reinvent Yourself

Article: Will This Experienced Banker Be on a Performance Plan Next Year?
Author: Ned Miller

This isn’t a new article, but it was new to us when we came across it a few weeks ago. Miller breaks down all the ways top performing bankers may become the laggards if they continue down the path they’re on. But there’s hope and still time to reinvent yourself as a banker.   

Brace For Change

Article: Everything Else Is Changing – Why Isn’t Your Bank? 
Authors: Antony Jenkins and Oliver Bussmann

It’s no secret that times are changing for the financial industry. Jenkins and Bussman, former CEO of Barclays and former CIO of UBS respectively, lay out what the banking industry will face in the coming years – in the least scary way possible. You’ll learn how you can adapt to the changes, and if you’re so daring, lead the charge at your bank. 



Article: Kick-Start Your AI Knowledge: 5 Must Listen Podcasts about Machine Learning
Author: Ben Wilde

We couldn’t resist. We had to include this piece on AI. Check out Wilde’s list of the top podcasts you should listen to in order to bolster your AI knowledge.  

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