Chapter 11: The Power of Continuous Improvement

December 14, 2016 Maria Abbe

In Chapter 10 of “Earn It: Building Your Bank’s Brand One Relationship at a Time” we discussed how to get your relationship managers to embrace change and use your new tools.

That comes on the heels of chapters that outlined how to change your bank’s pricing culture, to break down departmental silos, share more information, create a new ecosystem of tools and figure out which tools to purchase.

And it it doesn’t stop there. Once the parts of the pricing machine (the team, the solution, the culture) are up and running, you have to continue to foster user engagement, while simultaneously optimizing your solution and strengthening your team.

So how do you do this and keep your sanity (and your job)? That’s what we cover in Chapter 11, “The Power of Continuous Improvement.” You’ll learn how to improve without letting perfection get in the way, how to steer clear of paralysis by analysis, and how to keep your bank moving forward down the path to success.

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