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Strengthening your bank’s customer relationships is critical, especially in this competitive market. If you fall short of customer expectations when it comes to the experience and solutions you provide, your long-time relationships may start walking out the door and heading to other banks. Therefore, each touch point and conversation is vital to maintaining and building those sound and well-founded relationships.

Our recently released Borrower Summary Printout is designed to improve one of those critical touch points.

What is it?

The Borrower Summary Printout is a visual tool used to assist and better the conversation between relationship managers and borrowers by laying out, in a customer-friendly way, a summary of all of the proposed scenarios within the opportunity. It serves as a “takeaway” for the borrower that they can keep as a reminder of what’s been presented by your bank.

Why is it important?

The summary not only fosters the conversation between the relationship manager and borrower, it also serves as a tangible reminder of the multiple scenarios that have been presented. Having the ability to present this to the borrower encourages your relationship managers to work a bit harder to use Multiple Scenarios and meet the borrowers’ specific needs with alternative terms and options, ultimately leading to winning more deals.

Where can I found out more about it? 

For an even more in-depth look at the Borrower Summary printout, check out this post on our support site.

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