Chapter 6: What Makes a Great Lender?

July 6, 2016 Jim Young


The Earn It book

Bank Director’s 2016 Compensation Survey identified what it termed a “mini-crisis for the banking industry” – a lack of commercial lenders. 

Banks known they need them, and they’re willing to pay for them; still, good commercial lending talent is proving hard to find.

This leaves banks with two alternatives. A) Look even harder for top lenders to attract or B) Develop great lenders from their current talent pool.

What would it look like if your bank took option B?

That’s the focus of Chapter 6 of Earn It: Building Your Bank’s Brand One Relationship at a Time.

In the previous chapter we made the case for a Chief Pricing Officer, someone who can take the bank’s overall pricing strategy and implement it. But even the most talented CPOs are only as good as the commercial lenders they manage.

In Chapter 6, we’ll show just how much of an impact the best lenders can have on their bank’s bottom line and explain why it’s inefficient to spend much time worrying about improving the worst performers. We’ll also look at the traits that great lenders share and how those traits can be developed in the lenders on the current payroll.

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