BankOnPurpose Speaker Videos: No One Wants A Loan

July 7, 2017 Maria Abbe

We welcomed Bob Moesta and Chris Spiek, pioneers of the Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD) Framework, to the stage at this year’s BankOnPurpose Conference to teach us why No One Wants a Loan, which is a little jarring to hear in a room full of commercial bankers. The premise behind the framework lies within digging deep and asking pointed questions to understand why a customer hires or fires you. By following the framework, you ultimately uncover what the customer needs, which isn’t always what they think they want. To see Jobs-to-be-Done in action, check out the videos below.


Bob Moesta and Chris Spiek – No One Wants a Loan

Moesta and Spiek introduce the JTBD framework and give real-life examples. You’ll be surprised, as you listen to some of these anecdotes, where the concept has been applied and the difference it’s made.

To download the slides and read the full transcription click here.

Bob Moesta, Chris Spiek, Chad Neely – Putting Jobs-to-be-Done to Practice

Moesta and Spiek put the JTBD Framework into practice live on the BankOnPurpose stage by interviewing Chad Neely, CEO of Wenzel Spine. In his company’s early days, Neely fired his bank. Moesta and Spiek uncover why he fired his ex-bank and what led to hiring his current bank.  

To download the slides and read the full transcription click here.

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