5 Articles to Help You Become an Intellectual Banker

July 26, 2017 Maria Abbe

Think you don’t have time to read this blog post? Trust us, we know that life is busy. There are meetings and deadlines and quotas to hit. And we won’t even begin to touch on everything that goes on outside of work. But there’s plenty of evidence pointing to the intellectual benefits of taking the time to read and learn, which will in turn make you more successful.  

Don’t believe us? Take it from Warren Buffet himself who said, “I do more reading and thinking, and make less impulse decisions than most people in business.”

We’ve done the hard work for you and compiled a list of 5 articles you should read today to help you scratch your intellectual itch. Or at least be able to answer these questions at the watercooler:

How do I better lead my team of RMs?

Article: Inside Sales Management Part I and Part II, MZ Bierly Consulting, Inc.

Author: Ned Miller, @NedatMZBierly

When asked, respond with, “Where to begin?” And then quote Frank Casale, Regional VP for Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts for TD Bank, who suggests, “Sales management is all about being committed to activities and behaviors. It starts with putting together the right team and really knowing your marketplace. A manager’s number one job is to recruit and knowing how to recruit before the need is there so that it doesn't become crisis management.” Read more on building and maintaining an all-star team in this interview.

 (P.S. - For more from Ned, stay tuned to the Purposeful Banker. We speak with him about how experienced bankers can stay on the cutting edge and other talent related topics.)


How do I compete against price?

Article: How to close a deal when the prospect has a “better offer” from a competitor, Close.io

Author: Steli Efti, @Steli

Okay, so it’s not specifically a banking piece, but the message of this post can be applied to many industries. And when asked, counter with, “You need to compete on value.”


What’s an API anyway?

Article: The Future of Banking Depends On Open Banking APIs, The Financial Brand

Author: Jim Marous,  @JimMarous

An answer to this question can get pretty technical, but Marous lays things out pretty nicely. And we suggest responding to this query with information about the value APIs can bring your bank and your customers.


Why is everyone talking about Amazon?

Article: Why Your Bank Should Be Watching Amazon, Bank Director

Author: Emily McCormick,  @ehmccormick 

Well, there’s a lot of ground you could cover on this topic. But for starters, start with the banking industry and Amazon’s ability to move into the lending space. So far, they’re working with 20,000 small businesses and have loaned out $3B.


What’s all the hype with deposits?

Article: JPMorgan Tells Banks to Partner Up as U.S. Deposit Drain Looms, Bloomberg

Author: Matthew Monks, @MattMonks123

In case you, or the person who’s asking, hasn’t heard, a deposit drain may be looming in our near future. While that sounds negative, it’s actually a perfect opportunity to get crafty with how you grow retail deposits.

Interested in learning more on the topic of deposits? Check out this recent Purposeful Banker episode with Neil Stanley, CEO at The CorePoint, a company which helps banks attract properly priced longer term core retail deposits. 

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