5 Articles on AI to Help You Sleep at Night

March 22, 2017 Maria Abbe

Last month, we brought you the post, 5 Articles on AI Every Banker Should Read. Hopefully, those articles gave some insight into how this revolutionary technology is transforming commercial banking, but we understand that some fear may accompany your newfound knowledge. And you may be asking yourself, “Will robots take my job?”

There’s no need to fret. We’ve compiled a new list of 5 more articles on Artificial Intelligence that will excite you for what’s already here and for what’s to come … and hopefully help you sleep a little better at night.

Article #1:

Why branch bankers shouldn’t fear bots, AmericanBanker.com

Author: Bryan Yurcan, Sr. Writer at American Banker, @BryanYurcan


“But AI could help human bankers do their jobs more effectively by giving them quicker access to relevant information than ever before.”

When the fear arises that your job will be taken over by bots, read this article by Bryan Yurcan at American Banker. Yurcan shares an interview with U.S. Bank’s Chief Innovation Officer, Dominic Venturo. “The reality is there are many individuals who still prefer to talk to humans, and AI can augment that experience,” Venturo said. AI isn’t here to replace us, he argued. It’s to make us better at what we do.

Article #2:

Artificial intelligence: how it’s transforming financial services today, Information-Age.com

Author: Nick Ismail, Tech Reporter at Information Age


“AI tools are able to perform what no single human—or even a team of people—could hope to do.”

We know that AI isn’t a thing of the future. It’s here now. Nick Ismail shares how AI is shaping the financial industry in the present day with the reigning theme: It’s going to help you do better at your job and make your customers happier. And who doesn’t want that?

Article #3:

Robots are going to take our jobs and make us look like fools while doing it, Medium.com

Author: Jeremy Kahn, Sr. Tech Reporter at Bloomberg LP, @jeremyakahn


“But Hassabis tells me that, on the contrary, he sees potential for AI to unleash a golden age of human creativity.”

The title is scary. The content is hopeful. There was a sense of defeat across humanity when DeepMind’s software beat the world’s top-ranked players at the game Go. But this article sheds light on the idea that AI will help uncover new strategies and innovations in ways we never thought possible before.

Article #4:

Conversation design is the next big UX challenge for Capital One, VentureBeat.com

Author: Jessica Collier, All Turtles, @verbagetruck


“We have to lead with humanity.”

Steph Hay, head of conversation design at Capital One, is responsible for putting the humanity into AI. In this article, she goes behind the scenes to share what goes into creating the Capital One Alexa skill that allows customers to ask Alexa about their accounts. Mainly, she creates the humanity behind the skill, giving the customer a better experience.

Article #5:

5 Steps to Prepare Your Bank for AI, TheFinancialBrand.com

Author: Keith Armstrong, co-founder and COO of Abe, @apknole


“To help your bank reap the benefits of this innovative technology, start planning your AI strategy today.”

In this article, Keith Armstrong, gears us up for what’s needed to bring AI into our banks. He poses questions like, “What tasks could best be handled through automation, freeing up staff to focus on higher-value activities?” and “Which of your bank’s performance metrics do you anticipate changing as a result of your AI solution?” Among many other questions that will help get your mindset right when tackling an AI project.


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