RMA Annual Risk Management Conference, November 2015

November 5, 2015 Iris Maslow


rmaThis year’s RMA Annual Risk Management Conference was held at the beautiful Sheraton Hotel located in the “Back Bay” area of Boston. We had the chance to exhibit again this year and had many great conversations with banks from all over the country, but especially from the New England area.

One of the most interesting keynotes was done by Richard K. Davis who started his topic by discussing Abraham Lincoln’s advice to bankers. It was a great, light-humored way to start, as he pointed out things that were comparably different hundreds of years ago and things that are very much still the same. Richard gave great advice to this age of bankers saying that they need to be consistent, predictable and repeatable. He also made a great take away point saying “We’re in the business of trust” because holding someone’s assets and guiding them into the future is surrounded by the idea of trust and something that each banker should be proud of.

Another interesting session was “A New Generation of Bankers: Turning a Talent Crises into a Success Story” that was led by Dima Berdieve, Managing Partner at the DNB Advisor LLC. The millennial generation has been a topic of discussion at many conferences this year – how can banks earn their business but also how can they recruit them? This discussion dug deep into the generational turnover and shortage of junior talent. There was a push for the industry to make the right changes and improvements to bring in, train, and develop young people.

We expected the weather in Boston in November to be a bit chilly but it was beautiful, making this conference even better. We always enjoy exhibiting and attending the annual risk management conference held by RMA and we look forward to what next year will bring.

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