Internet Summit, November 2015

November 22, 2015 Iris Maslow

When we became sponsors of the 2015 Internet Summit in Raleigh, North Carolina we knew it meant we should aim a little higher than just attending and listening to the presentations. We knew that one of our goals was to meet the smartest people in the area. That is always harder than it sounds, so we decided to make it easier by combining it with delicious barbecue from The Pit Authentic Barbecue.

After 90 minutes of everything from fried green tomatoes to banana pudding we were finally ready to declare victory and head over to the opening keynote.

Wow! Look at these smart people. #geniuslunch

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2015 was the biggest and most impressive Internet Summit yet. The keynote speakers were dialed in and gave some great advice. The regular session were packed with both people and great advice. But for us, the best times we had were talking with old friends and making new friends.

Because of the growth we’ve had at PrecisionLender, I found myself in a long conversation with my friend Ellen Gowdy from Smashing Boxes after we sat in on the Smart Hiring & Building a Culture of Success roundtable. Her company is also expanding quickly and doesn’t want to lose it’s fantastic culture. We ended up comparing notes and commiserating over how much effort it takes to defend your culture.

The presentations seemed to pound on a few specific themes…

1. Millennials.

Millennials are running companies, having children and buying houses. They are not all that young anymore. #ISUM15

— Ryan Boyles (@theRab) November 19, 2015

2. Mobile is everything.

Two thirds of question related searches on google are from #mobile #ISUM15

— Oak City Labs (@oakcitylabs) November 18, 2015

3. Digital is not a fad.

#CenturyLLC #ISUM15

— Century Products LLC (@CenturyLLC) November 19, 2015

If we missed connecting with you while we were at this year’s Internet Summit, don’t be shy, connect with us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or maybe even in-person!

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