Top 5 Ways to Make Sure Your Bank Tech Empowers

Building Iron Man Suits, not Terminators

PrecisionLender CEO and Co-Founder, Carl Ryden, talked about the importance of building tools that transform the human experience at the recent Business of Software Conference Europe 2018. Here are the top five takeaways he’s learned from developing a tool that empowers its end-users:
1. Start with the customer. When creating an enterprise application, start with the customer and work backward into the business. Once you find the most complicated spreadsheet or task, start thinking about building a tool that will more effectively do the work to free people to do what they do best – serve customers. Build the coach into the application from the beginning. 
2. Context is king. The user interface and user experience are extremely important. Technology works best when it’s focused and allows for users to easily manipulate the inputs to create outcomes that add value. Narrow the context of the application to make sure it’s effective and useful.
3. Offer real-time feedback. Make sure your tool takes into account varying inputs and offers solutions in real time. Basing those inputs on contextual data from previous outcomes makes the tool more valuable. 
4. Not all data is created equal. Focusing on insights from the best data is a key way to develop a useful tool. You can do this by understanding what suggestions the tool gave that changed end-users’ behaviors and led to better outcomes. This labeled behavioral data is most valuable because it’s what allows you to train the system to understand what actions produce specific outcomes. 
5. Help humans be better. People want intelligence. They want insights that drive early value and establish delivery pathways and metrics. Don’t try to replace people; instead, let them do what they do best – add value. Let the application do the manual work that drives intelligence.
Technology should help us move to a world where we’re creating jobs that are worthy of humans, reducing repetitive tasks and offering insights that help make better business decisions.
Watch Carl’s complete talk here:


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