Connecting, Sharing, and Growing at BankOnPurpose 2018

May 9, 2018 Maria Abbe

It felt like just yesterday we were closing up shop at BankOnPurpose 2017, with stars in our eyes, and eager to begin planning BankOnPurpose 2018. So, it’s hard to believe BankOnPurpose 2018 has already come and gone.

Here’s What Happened

We approached this year’s BankOnPurpose conference with three words in mind:

Connect. Share. Grow.

Here's the thinking behind them:

  • Connect - BankOnPurpose is a place to meet new people in commercial banking who are experiencing the same things you are;
  • Share - It’s a place to swap ideas and answer each other’s questions;
  • Grow - And it’s a place you’ll walk away from with a greater sense of purpose AND tactical steps to make your bank a better place.

Carl Ryden, PrecisionLender’s CEO, kicked off the conference by urging everyone to ask one another, “What can I help you with?” Every person at that conference had something to give and share with another. Carl’s question prompted that conversation among attendees. And lots of conversations took place, because this was our highest attendance record to date.

Here’s What Matters to Bankers Today

Digital Transformation & The Future of Banking

Jim Marous, Co-Publisher of The Financial Brand and a top 5 fintech influencer, took the stage by saying, “The biggest challenge bankers have is that they can’t get out of their way.” It’s a concern that needs to be addressed because, “The speed of change has never been greater,” says Jim. Throughout his presentation, he argued that other industries have figured out how to integrate interactions to improve customer experience. That type of digital transformation must start taking place within your bank now.

Next was Joanne Pollitt of CEB (now Gartner). She echoed similar concerns - the financial world as we know it is changing. She emphasized the need to think about the customer’s outcomes and how banks can make their customers' lives easier today, but to also take their RMs’ needs into consideration. She said, “The RMs that we survey are telling us that the tools they have today are not actually helping them.”

Carl Ryden started Day 2 with his keynote session that gained a collective sigh of relief when he broke down why AI matters … and why it’s not coming to take your job. “The goal is to allow for the machine to do what the machine does well, so that humans can focus on what they do well,” says Carl. The goal is to make the end user’s job easier, not replace them.

Bank Culture

Mikey Trafton, CTO at Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas,  returned to the BankOnPurpose stage for the second time. Back in 2016, he shared how to create a world-class culture. This year, he dove in to how to recruit the team that makes a good culture and how to hire the right people for the job. One of his suggestions: “Look to your customers as a place to ask for prospective employees.”  It makes sense. Your customers know you well and work closely with you, sometimes on a daily basis. Plus, they’ll want to work with people they know and trust and will likely give great recommendations.

The Customer Experience

It’s a competitive market out there, and the competition is only growing more and more fierce. Thomas Stewart and Patricia O’Connell, authors of the book Woo, Wow, and Win, shared tangible ways to create a better customer experience for your customers through service design. It’s actually more critical for services to be designed (like products), because the design brings the customer to the very value proposition of why they’re using your service.

These are just a few highlights. But stay tuned, because we’ll be sharing the live presentations on the BankOnPurpose website in the coming weeks.

What Did Others Have to Say?

You may think we’re a bit biased when we say this was our best BankOnPurpose yet, but we’re not. Here’s some of the feedback we received.

  • Great conference again this year team Precision Lender! Thank you for the energy you bring, the content you share and your unwavering passion to being Purposeful!
  • It was transformational for me. One of the better conferences/seminars I have attended in recent years.

B.I.G. Cancer Care

Every year at BankOnPurpose we partner with a charity. This year, we chose one near and dear to our hearts: B.I.G. Cancer Care. During the conference, we raised over $7,200! If you’re interested in donating, you can donate here.

What’s Next?

We can guarantee next year’s conference will be a step (hopefully a few!) higher than this year. Dates have not yet been solidified, so we want to hear from YOU. Where do you want to see BankOnPurpose next year? You can vote on next year’s location here.

And that’s a wrap! Thanks to all of our attendees and sponsors. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone again next year for BankOnPurpose 2019! #BoP19


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